Read stories and experiences straight from our parents.

There are many days that dropping your child off anywhere is just hard. You don’t want to leave them, and they feel that and mirror you. But every day, when I pick up my son from Rose Hill, he absolutely beams — not just to see me, but to show me what he’d been doing, point out a new friend, or tell me something a teacher had said (or sung, or danced, etc.)

Rose Hill staff also taught me so much. I’d ask questions and follow their lead on feedings and nap times and had much more success with both. Other times, they followed my lead. They were so supportive when we were ready to start potty training, encouraging my son and saying they knew he could do it, and not giving up on him when we hit a bit of resistance.

Overall, my child has gone through the infant and toddler program and is now in Pre-School, or “The Big Kids’ School,” as he calls it. He seems proud to us, confident, and talkative about what he is experiencing. Everyone knows his name at Rose Hill, says hello, high-fives him, and seems genuinely excited to see him each day. We’re so happy with our school “high above the Hudson River.”
— Liz Birch | Beacon, NY
My 2 sons attended Rose Hill for their Pre-School up to Pre-K education and childcare needs. My sons have had nothing but the best education, play, creative and supportive environment. The school is always kept extremely clean. The owner, administration and teachers show excellence in their positions. The teachers and assistants stay up to date in current curriculum, work on great creative art projects and are very caring towards every student there. I am forever grateful that my sons received their foundation at Rosehill Manor.
— Casey Bozydaj | Highland, NY
We moved here last summer when my children were four and two. It was a very stressful time, moving to a town where we knew virtually no one. Luckily we found Rose Hill. Karen and Andrea made us feel immediately welcome. With varying Pre-K cutoff dates changing from state to state, my four-year-old just was not ready for Kindergarten and Rose Hill’s Pre-K program has been a wonderful fit. My 2-year-old can’t wait to come to daycare — she even cries occasionally when I came to get her at the end of the day! What a relief. So happy we found this place.
— Maria | Beacon, NY
My daughter has been at Rose Hill Manor for over seven years. The staff at Rose Hill has become a second family to her. She started in the infant room and rose through the ranks to toddler room, to pre-school, to pre-K. She is now enrolled in the before/after-care program. I always feel secure in the knowledge that she is personally and lovingly taken care of by staff who know her as well as I do.

There are so many warm memories, from the Mother’s Day Tea to the Halloween Parade and holiday parties. But my favorite memory of her at Rose Hill Manor was the day she graduated from pre-K. The parents, seated outside on that beautiful sunny day, waited for their little ones to make their grand entrance. With little graduation caps and “pomp and circumstance” playing, the smiling
kids marched out. Every parent was misty-eyed with happiness and pride during the ceremony. What a wonderful memory Rose Hill Manor gave us all. I’m so happy I chose Rose Hill for my daughter. They truly are the best.
— Jennifer Colandrea | Beacon, NY